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We are ging to Cloudfare!


Hopefully this will be an easy switch but we are going to cloudflare. Cloudflare (the free version) will allow us to protect from DDOS attacks once we get bigger and will give us encryption so once we introduce an shop and/or membership, all your info will be encrypted.

Do We Need more Hobbyists, especially kids?

From all the toys, gadgets and schools programs that are happening, you might think that we have kids that are ready for the computer future. But, these programs too often use scratch and do not use easy text-based programming languages, like python(Python is complex but the start of it is rather basic) that can get kids to start liking programming at an early age. But being a Hobbyist isn’t all about programming, its also about designing and soldering too. But, I have failed to see any soldering classes or even Arduino programming classes with breadboards (Much more safe but same electronics technique) in school for kids. You might argue that kids might not want these after school activities and I agree with you, but they could easily also be after school activities. So these basic techniques and electronic classes are given to colleges and summer school activities. For example, if you look at MIT’s undergraduate courses that are filmed, you will see some of them are about basic things that could be talked about to kids and teens at a much earlier time. This does open a market for more basic programming like ozobot and since schools see that they can just use and ozobot, they don’t add these courses and have ozobots for First, Second, and Third graders. If you have any questions ask them in the comment area and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible. This will also be available at Arduinofun.tk in the next couple days.

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